Project 1

Brainstorming and Ideation

For this exercise I wanted to create something visually pleasing, but also functional. I find my inspiration by looking at beautiful pieces of work. So I try to surround myself with things that spark excitement to design and experiment. So this was my main focus while brainstorming as I want to also feel energized while designing and executing it.

Idea 1: Lamp Shade

As my favorite idea so far, I believe this project would allow me a lot of freedom and experimentation in my design process. I would like to create something that would create an illusion with light such as example 3.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Process Sketches

Idea 2: Jewelry Organizer

I think this idea would be helpful in my day to day life as I have a lot of jewelry. I would look at this every day so it would be a good opportunity to get inspiration every morning.

Example 4
Example 5

Idea 3: Crate Shelves / Storage

I enjoy this idea as it would be helpful as I have a lot of things and it would be an interesting and appealing option to store it all.

Example 6
Example 7

Initial Filework

I chose to continue with my lamp idea. I had some troubles and some triumphs, but I finished the base work of an idea I’m proud of.

First I used one of the resources provided to create a box template. Then I played around with various designs. I settled on the wave like pattern that carries and connects all the sides visually.

Wave Pattern

I then decided to create further separation of the elements by doing on pattern inside the wave and another outside.

I started by researching on designs that intrigued me. However, when it came to replicating them, I struggled recreating them. Finally after some trial and error, I created two custom patterns that I was happy with.

Custom Patterns

I then inverted these patterns so the black lines above would be the solid wood. Then outlined each space inside and then outside the wave and then used the pathfinder to cut out specific shapes out of each pattern.

Final Filework

Once I combined my patterns with the waves I decided to have the details as the solid wood portions.

Final Design

Then I designed the top and bottom of the lamp. I had to rearrange the sides to use as much of the artboard I could for efficient cutting, but I still have to have one end of the lamp on a separate sheet.

Once finished I submitted it to the XYZ lab to be cut.

Final Assembly

For the final assembly, I organized the pieces and tested placing them into their slots before gluing.

Then I bought a light fixture and glued the lamp together.

I am very happy with the final product. It displayed my original idea but with my own unique twist by creating my own patterns and design. My only changes I would make in the future is to not make it not as wide and to use less sides to make it easier to assemble. Another fun element to try is adding multiple layers for dimension or to use acrylic to create fun shadows.



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